Sports thai massage


Stretch, release and walk tall.

Sports Thai massage is the blend of Sports and Remedial massage with Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. Sports massage is an intensive remedial massage therapy combining Swedish movements with specific localised stretches to the soft tissues, and Thai Yoga massage (otherwise known as lazy mans yoga) is an energy balancing massage therapy combining acupressure, stretches and applied Yoga movements.

You remain fully clothed for this treatment; it can be done on either a couch or on the floor.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxation
  • Lengthened,¬†Softened tissues
  • Increased flexibility
  • Change in pain levels of problem areas
  • Improved strength
  • Energy balancing
  • Change of mood
  • Increased body awareness, postural alignment
  • Increased circulation
  • Temporary insomnia and headaches
  • Reduction of scar tissue
  • Introspection of life
  • Stiff joints

1 hr Р£ 50