Trauma discharge therapy

In your first session (2hrs) there will be a combination of psychology and massage ½ and ½  Don’t worry you won’t be talking about trauma , we will be talking about your own specific keys to healing it. The massage part of this therapy is very much on the slow gentle side, again based on your own specific needs on that given day .But the main difference to other massages is that the therapist will ask you to be as present as possible …rather than sinking into a state of sleep

TDT is a revolutionary new Bodywork approach which aims to release trauma from the BodyMind in general and the nervous system in particular. It was developed by Gerry Pyves who is both a psychotherapist and a bodyworker (my teacher). It is an approach that has taken over 35 years of clinical ‘trial and error’ to perfect.

At its heart, TDT embraces the very latest neuroscience and the most recent developments in our understanding of trauma and links this with some of the most ancient healing bodywork movements known.

Simply put, TDT addresses all of our complaints and health challenges as historical nervous system disruptions. This is in line with the latest understanding of trauma and the nervous system, especially the work of Dr. Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory. This information suggests that we need to find new and more effective ways of “talking to the nervous system”. The really good news about this approach is that it is based on the plasticity of the brain and its remarkable ability to ’re-wire’ itself – given the right conditions.  

What is largely missing from the discussion about the treatment of trauma is the role that touch can play. Yet shamans, healers and bodyworkers have been using touch to talk directly to the nervous system for millennia. TDT is unique in that it brings together this world of ancient touch with the more modern worlds of psychotherapy, neuroscience, neurobiology and trauma research into a simple but obvious synthesis.

What’s it good for

  • Physical issues
  • Energetic issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Existential / spritiual issues
  • Mental issues

If you are interested in this therapy you can ask for a leaflet next time you see me.

£95 for first session (2hrs)
£55 for further 1hr sessions



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